Benefit Cosmetics’ Pink Ramadan – Fun, Entertainment and Giving Back to the Community

By bringing together ten of the biggest regional YouTubers and TikTokers on an exciting game show, Benefit Cosmetics give Ramadan a unique twist. Get ready to fill your days with laughter, crazy challenges and loads of fun with the brand’s game show series that will be released on YouTube and TikTok, as the participating influencers compete to raise the highest number of points and unlock levels of Benefit’s support for a non-profit organization supporting women in Saudi Arabia.

This is not all, as Benefit also takes fun to new levels by inviting viewers to use the TikTok Effect specific for the campaign in order to get the chance to win 2 flight tickets to San Francisco, while becoming the first beauty brand to create a custom gamified Effect in collaboration with TikTok.

For this year’s campaign, the brand has joined forces with AlNahda Society non-profit organization based in Riyadh, which aims at empowering women and girls socially and economically through educational, mentorship and financial initiatives. Therefore, it will mobilize its social media platforms and regional audience to raise awareness on behalf of the foundation, and will contribute with a dedicated internship program of makeup training seminars.

Hosted by Yara Ayoob, Regional Brow & Beauty expert at Benefit, the show will be attended by AlNahda’s CEO, Dr. Miznah Al Omair, in its first episode, as well as female creators with an impressive audience and impact including Bessan Ismail, Yusur & Maryam Al Khalidi, Rawan, Rayan & Raghad, Saba Shamaa and Supersisters, Lana & Leen. As for Asala Maleh, she will be making a special appearance as co-host.

With the game show launching on March 23rd, keep your eyes on Benefit’s YouTube channel and TikTok account for some serious Ramadan fun.

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