Belted and Buckled

If you buy one new thing this month, make it a well-crafted belt. After all, belts don’t just serve practical purposes as they also seem to always add this je ne sais quoi to one’s outfit. And how would you ever hold your trousers up without one good solid belt?

We all tend to take these essential accessories for granted, as they’re not a need, they’re a necessity. But what we tend to forget is that the more “present” and effective they are, the more likely we’ll stick to wearing them. For women, the issue is much more complicated as the styles vary in thickness, in the width of the buckle and in the way we wear them. For men, on the other hand, wearing belts is as easy as 1,2,3; the colors are limited between beige, camel brown and black – and their derivatives – and the buckles come as discrete as possible. The only issue men usually face lies in the pairing of belts with the pants, in terms of color and style. But should they pay good attention to it, the rest will follow suit!

That said, we’ve carefully chosen a few belts you should definitely invest in. Scroll below to find out more!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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