Belt Bags – Tips to Master the 90’s Trend in Swag

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Belt bags? Yes, they’re still in! The 90’s trend is still going stronger than ever, and we have to admit that we thank, by all means, our lucky stars and the fashion world for this.

Practical, versatile and stylish in every sense of the word, these marvels paved their way to every woman’s closet. So, if they’re not in yours yet, let us remind you of some ways to adopt this trend and take your style to new heights.

-Heading out for a day at the office? Wear your oversized fanny pack across your shoulders to give your workwear a new dimension.

-With the temperature dropping, you’re so looking forward to bringing out your timeless trench coat. As much as we love this piece, pair it with a belt bag that you’ll wear around your waist and add an unparalleled trendy flair to your look.

-Do you feel that your outfit is boring in terms of colors, even if you’re just heading out for a spree at the supermarket? Well, a colored belt bag will perfectly complete your casual look while adding a much-needed punch of liveliness.

-Whether you’re going to the mall or to the coffee shop to meet your friend, imagine this: a simple white t-shirt, raw-hem jeans and white sneakers paired with a mini monogram fanny pack. Nothing to add but some simple jewels and you’ll be ready to rock your way!

-Oversized looks can be overwhelming to your figure if you’re short but believe it or not, you can still wear them. Just make sure to add a fanny pack to mark your waist and this, ladies, will be the real game-changer.

-Are you one of those who like to step into the bolder territories? Matching prints between your separates is not a real challenge in this case until you decide to include your belt bag in the game!

-Use the fanny pack to add a touch of rock to your look. A leather one can do wonders whether worn at the waist or across your shoulders.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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