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Bejeweled in Pink October

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Every woman is strong, but some are in their very own way. Despite celebrating them every day of the year, Pink October is the month that steals the light. In fact, it’s the month that, through the feminine color of pink, raises awareness on breast cancer.

Pink is undoubtedly a color that bursts with femininity and finesse, which makes it the perfect way to honor these superheroes. And luckily for every stylish, sparkle-loving woman out there who would like to celebrate this unbeatable feminine strength, jewelry is also a way to do so.

Think pink opals, sapphires, tourmalines and mother-of-pearl paying an ode to every woman who went through a battle. Whether simple or bold, here is a selection of jewelry pieces that will celebrate femininity through creativity.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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