Beauty on Your Phone

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Your phone is your best friend. Unlike the old days, everything you need to know today is one click – or one tap – away. There is nothing easier than downloading an application on your mobile and discovering the world that lies behind it. And with beauty being one of the worlds that we, ladies, would like to explore, it’s only normal for us to load beauty related apps on our dear old phones.

Thanks to technology, everything is at our fingertips. So join us below to learn about some beauty apps that you can download from the app store and enjoy!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Discover your next hair look with Style My Hair. Developed by L’Oréal, this application allows you explore a makeover experience and gets you inspired for your next hair color appointment. From blond, brown, reds, coppers, colorful shades like pinks and purples to ombré and sombré looks, you can try any hair color you dream about and turn it into reality if it suits you!

For next-level selfies, download BeautyPlus. This app features many editing options to give you beautiful and natural looking selfies and velfies. From erasing blemishes to whitening teeth, contouring skin and much more, you’ve got yourself covered. And don’t forget to share your photos with them for a chance to get featured as a cover model!

Want to try on hair styles and makeup looks? YouCam Makeup is the app that gives you the chance to experiment true-to-life makeup looks or hair colors thanks to its smart facial detection. It also offers a wide selection of editing tools such as smoothing skin, whitening teeth, adjust your face shape and more.

Get Nails Salon app to choose your manicure design and try it on your hands. Yes, the days when you stood wondering before your nail appointment whether the color you picked or the nail design you had in mind suits you or not are long gone!

If you’re looking for an app that allows you to find the latest beauty trends and read makeup and skincare reviews, Beautylish is your go-to! That’s not all, as you can also know about the latest releases in the beauty world.
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