Beard Oil – the New Men’s Must-Have

The world is recently witnessing a major comeback for the beard. Almost every man has tried sporting a beard, and most of them really fell in love with it, so much so that they can’t let go of it. However, growing a beard needs care – and it’s pretty intensive one might we say. Luckily for you, this major comeback was accompanied by an extensive range of products that will make your beard look better than ever and one of them is the wondrous beard oil.

Whether your beard is light or heavy, this product is rich in non-greasy and nourishing oils that are strongly needed for a healthy one. In fact, beard oils condition the hair, reduce itching and moisturize the skin. And by conditioning the hair we mean that it strengthens it and improves its growth while taming flyaway strands.

With this in mind, using a few drops of this beauty marvel is a must and we’ve gathered a list of 9 beard oils that take your beard care to new levels. Check them out below!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Gucci, Gucci Guilty Absolute beard oil
Lab Series grooming oil
Tom Ford beard oil
Bearded Chap beard oil
Acqua Di Parma beard serum
Prospector Co., Burroughs beard oil
D.R.Harris & Co. beard oil
Burberry, Mr Burberry beard oil
Le Labo beard oil

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Who Needs Microblading When You Have This Pencil from Benefit Cosmetics?

We have all heard about it, but is microblading truly necessary to get the crisp microbladed eyebrow look you have been craving? The answer is no. Why go through that when you can save the time, money and pain with ONE brow pencil? Precisely, My Brow Pencil’s ease of application makes it unnecessary to go through the microblading process. Precise, precise, precise! Here are some of my favorite tips on how to get the microbladed look that you are all looking for with Precisely, My Brow Pencil!

Pick a darker shade… it’ll be way darker than you think

This is key! Okay, so you may be a shade 3, but for this look you should go with a shade 5 or 6. For an accurate microbladed look, you will need a pencil with a deep pigment. That’s why the secret is to go for a darker shade. Trust me!

Make sure your pencil is sharp

It may seem obvious, but this is a key step to pulling off a microbladed look. Here’s a secret tip to find the sharpest side of the pencil. All you need to do is to tap your pencil on a flat surface to get rid of any loose pigment and use the edge of the tip for even more precise application.

Create hair-like strokes from below the hairline of the brow

With that deep shade, start applying your pencil below the hairline of the brow and flick upward and outward towards your temple. Repeat this process throughout your brow.

Concealer = Crispy Necessity

As you are flicking upward and outward with your Precisely, My Brow Pencil, make sure to follow these strokes using concealers with a hard-angled brush. The trick here is to see flesh in between each stroke and to make sure that you never let those strokes touch.

Clean up unevenness

It’s important to clean up any unevenness to make your brow sharp and neat. Using the hard-angled brush, apply concealer below the hairline of the brow to give subtle definition!

Don’t Blend

This is not your typical brow look, therefore, you do not want to blend in the product with your brow hairs. As mentioned before, you do not want your strokes to touch, so don’t blend!

There you have it! With these 6 steps, you can say hello to perfectly microbladed brows with 1 product only.

Article Written by Yara Ayoob, Benefit Cosmetics’ Regional Brow Artist

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Orange lips

Summer is all about fun bright colors and orange lips are such a beautiful compliment to bronzed skin. Orange might not be the easiest color to pull off though, so here are some tips and recommendations.
The greatest thing about an orange lip is the fact that you can wear almost no other makeup and you look so put together. You might be thinking, “oh no! I can’t pull off orange lipstick!”, but there are so many different ways of wearing this lip trend.
Let’s start off with the most daring. A true bright orange like the YVES SAINT LAURENT

ROUGE PUR COUTURE Lipstick 13 Le Orange is a must try. YSL always does bright shades so well.
If you are more into red-ish orange, try the Burberry Lip Velvet in 412 Orange Red.
For something way more subtle, you can just do a hint of coral with the NARS Afterglow Lip Balm in Bang Bang.
If you are into matte lips, YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Pur Couture The Slim leather Matte has two beautiful shades: Strange Orange and Original Coral.
A super glossy lip is a safe way to get away with more color and GIVENCHY Gloss Interdit Vinyl - Extreme Shine Gloss in #11 Bold Orange is as shiny as it gets.


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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All Hail to Celine’s First High Perfumery Collection

After creating a great legacy in fashion, Celine finally debuts its journey in the world of high perfumery with a collection of 11 perfumes. Truthful to the tradition of the “Couturier Parfumeur”, Hedi Slimane put his heart and soul in these olfactory marvels, as well as his expertise in French high perfumery – reminding us of the private collection he concocted for Maison Christian Dior in 2004.

This collection of 11 exquisite fragrances will reveal 9 of its beauties in the Fall of 2019, leaving 2 for 2020. Each perfume draws its name from the couturier’s olfactory journal: while Parade, Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, Dans Paris, Cologne Française, La Peau Nue, Eau de Californie and Bois Dormant and Rimbaud that will be released in 2020 are ideal for day wear, Black Tie, Reptile and Nightclubbing are perfect for the evening.

For a designer who always questions the societal notion of gender through his collections and photographs, these high-end perfumes join the pack to give a new androgynous definition of masculinity and recapture Slimane’s stylistic codes. With no distinction made between traditional masculine and feminine notes, the elements harmoniously blend together to form a scent that redefines modernity and identities. However, one touch makes these perfumes true creations of Hedi Slimane and it’s definitely the designer’s signature powdery note which adds a one-of-a-kind sophisticated flair to every one of them.

In keeping with the great tradition of French glassmaking, Hedi Slimane designed a rectangular bottle decorated on two sides with sharp-edged fluting and topped with a faceted black lacquered cap – reminiscent of the minimalism that accompanied the modernity of Art Deco back in time.

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Moisturizing Tips and Tricks

Moisture is the best treat you can give your skin, and choosing the right moisturizer is the most efficient step of the moisturizing process. But there are some golden rules to follow to kick things up a notch. Here are a few tips and tricks that will leave your skin moisturized and youthful looking:

  • Limit your shower to 10 minutes maximum, and try to keep the water as cold as you can handle in order to keep hot water from stripping your skin from its natural oils.
  • The best time to moisturize your skin is after your shower. As we previously mentioned, hot water renders it dry. So moisturize your entire body within 3 minutes of finishing your bath as it will still be damp – which allows your moisturizer to lock the moisture within your skin.
  • Pick the right moisturizer for the season. Your skin needs change with the change of the weather. With this in mind, go for a heavier moisturizer during colder times and stick to a light one during the hot days of summer.
  • Every moisturizer has its own features, so never neglect the importance of choosing a product that really answers your skin needs.
  • For your hands and feet, the best moisturizing time is before going to bed, as you will not have to wash your hands or wear shoes anymore. This way, the product will have enough time to be absorbed by the skin and leave you with the desired results.


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Skincare While Traveling

Cover Photo Courtesy of

When packing for a trip, I try to take the least amount of stuff possible except when it comes to skincare. For some reason, the hotel vibe just makes me want to put on masks and just take my sweet time getting ready and unready. Here is what I pack on every trip.

Basics of course, like cotton pads and Q-tips.
An oil cleanser is my favorite, but it can get messy. So I like to take something gentle and also one that will take off all my make-up like the Glamglow Supercleanse™ Clearing Cream-to-Foam Cleanser. No matter how great my cleansers are, I always need an eye makeup remover and I like the SHISEIDO Essentials Instant Eye And Lip Makeup Remover in case I wear a bright lip.

If I have any minis of something I want to try, like serums and moisturizers, this is the perfect time to use them.
Sun protection is also a must while traveling because chances are we are walking around under the sun way more than we would at home.
Although I have been learning that face wipes are not great for your skin, I do like to take them along. I just saw some Neutrogena single packs which I thought were genius. Last but not least, the Fresh Rose Face Mask is awesome for that dry hotel room air. 


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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The Beauty Secret behind Using a Face Mist

So you think that face mists are unnecessary? Well, I did too until I started using one out of curiosity! And now I can tell you that I was positively surprised, as I thought that it’s just water bottled in a can that you can spray to feel refreshed on a hot summer’s day, but it actually turned out to be much more than this. Besides refreshing your skin, face mists have so many benefits that I personally wasn’t aware of. Here are some of them!

  • A face mist hydrates your face on the go, especially if you treat yourself to one based on a formula that includes extra hydrating ingredients such as essential oils. To keep dry skin at bay, use it many times during the day if needed and the best part is that it won’t mess up your makeup!
  • Face mists also lock the moisture in if applied in between your skincare and makeup products. They also act as a primer for your makeup look. Well, let’s admit it; nothing makes your face more perfect for makeup than a smoother and more hydrated complexion.
  • Face mists make foundation blending easier than ever, while giving your look a more natural finish and making it last longer.
  • Sometimes you feel that your makeup has faded during the day and all you need – if you use a face mist – is one splash of spray to revive it, as the latter will help you re-blend your foundation without having to wash your face and start all over again.
  • And for those who have oily skin, there are face mists available to control oil production while lightly hydrating your skin.

Now, are you ready to join the face mist team?


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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