Be Unique with Dior’s J’adore

Between your gorgeous outfit, your exquisite make-up and matching accessories, one thing is missing to make you feel as charming as you look: a drop of Dior’s J’adore perfume. It will add the perfect final touch as Monsieur Dior always imagined. This breathtaking creation is all about femininity, boldness and sensuality. Once you try it on, you won’t even know how you used to live without it, especially that all the magic you desire is trapped in that symbolic little bottle.

With the release of the House’s new video, we can see how Charlize Theron – the award winning actress and producer – embodied once again, the codes and values of Dior in the most perfect way as a single drop caresses her golden body, showing how this amazing perfume works its magic.  

There’s nothing more magical than leaving a room while your scent still lingers on, thus, Dior’s mission to "dress women in the scent of desire", is amazingly accomplished!

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