BB and CC Creams, Your Way to Look Perfect Every Day

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Looking effortlessly perfect is every woman’s daily quest and with all the skincare products and makeup available today, it becomes a little bit hard to keep up with our beauty routine. With this in mind, the beauty world offers you two great inventions on a silver platter, which are BB and CC creams. You might think at first that we’re just putting some letters together, but in fact, these 2 beauty wonders can reduce a lot of the time you need for applying your morning creams and makeup.

BB stands for beauty balm and is the definition of makeup with skincare benefits, as it hydrates, controls the shine and sometimes offers sun protection while acting like a foundation with sheerer coverage. Quite a nice way to avoid looking overdone, don’t you agree? You just have to make sure to choose the one that is ideal for your skin type.

As for the CC in CC cream, it stands for color correcting, and unlike BB creams, this one provides a little more coverage – making it the perfect choice for a skin with imperfections. And hey, it’s also amazing to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its slightly heavier formula.

Now, let’s guide you through your best BB and CC creams options!

CHANEL, Complete Correction SPF 50 CC Cream
3LAB, Perfect BB SPF40 Tinted Moisturizer
Via Net-a-Porter
Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream
Estée Lauder, DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer SPF 15 BB Cream
M.A.C Cosmetics, Prep + Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35
Clinique, Moisture Surge CC Cream
Lancôme, Bienfait Teinté SPF 35 BB Cream
Giorgio Armani, Luminessence CC Cream
By Terry, Cellularose Moisturizing CC Cream
Via Net-a-Porter

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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A Conversation with Christophe Cervasel of Atelier Cologne

Born in Toulouse but Italian at heart is the best way to describe the background of Christophe Cervasel, co-creator and founder of Atelier Cologne. Coming from cultures that are tightly linked to the world of perfumery, he used his entrepreneurial skills to establish Atelier Cologne, a brand that has given the fresh Italian cologne a new meaning.

With the opening of their store in the UAE, Azyaamode got the chance to interview Christophe Cervasel to introduce the values of the brand, as well as its offerings for the holiday season.

Tell us more about the idea behind Cologne Absolue.

We invented a new olfactive family, and the idea was to keep the freshness and the subtle element of the cologne, while using an overdose of citruses in our formula and adding a true character and lasting power by combining heavier ingredients like oud, rose, sandalwood…

What makes Atelier Cologne a pioneer in the world of perfumery?

Many things…First, the natural ingredients which constitute 85% to 95% of the perfume. The 100% gender-neutral creative path follows, as well as our Cologne Absolue style which is equally very appealing to both heavy fragrance users and to non-fragrance users. In addition, the experiences in the store are really unique with the real olfactory consultation tailored to each customer in order to meet their personality and lifestyle. And last but not least, the personalization of our travel size leather purse sprays with a gold or silver engraving of your name or initials or those of your loved ones.   

How important is it to use natural ingredients in the creation of cologne?

We’ve done that from the start because of the olfactory style that we liked. It is only 2 or 3 years ago that we realized that the percentage of natural ingredients was so high. At the end of the day, the use of natural ingredients really speaks to our customers who very often recognize the key ingredients even if they’re not fragrance experts. And for us, high quality lies in the use of natural ingredients.  

We’re celebrating the opening of Atelier Cologne’s boutique in the UAE. How would you describe this new chapter in the journey of the brand?

It’s a dream that is coming true. There is so much knowledge and passion for perfume in the region that it was key for us to be able to offer the full Atelier Cologne experience. We also expect to learn more about fragrance habits here in order to further develop our knowledge of the local perfume culture.  

Cologne is the epitome of the Italian art of perfumery. What makes your olfactory creations true to this heritage?

First of all Sylvie and myself, although we are French, have strong Italian roots. Sylvie’s maiden name is Tacchino, a family in Genova and Cervasel is a Venetian name. But more importantly, most of our citrus oils, which are the core of our formula like the Bergamot for example, are sourced in Italy from the oldest and best supplier in the country.  

The holiday season is upon us, so what are Atelier Cologne’s gifting options?

Of course, we have a beautiful advent calendar. We released it for the third consecutive year, but we make sure to improve it with every passing holiday season. And then we have a number of gift options, from a discovery mini-set with a personalized purse spray engraved with your name or initials or the ones of your loved ones, to a larger gift set through which you can experience our fuller range including Cologne Absolue, hand creams, candles or body lotions.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Perfectly Retro!

Just like accessories, a hairstyle adds the final touch to your look and can actually turn it upside down. As simple as going to the hairdresser may be, the result is certainly a game changer. Want to turn your outfit into a retro marvel? Nothing like a retro hairstyle can help you achieve this task successfully.

As usual, we turn to runways for inspiration – even when it comes to beauty. And luckily for us, the designers that presented their Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collections in the four biggest fashion capitals of the world have supplied us with plenty of hair looks. Believe us, the hairstyles that added the final touches to their outfits are a sight for every retro lover’s sore eyes!

When talking about retro hairstyles, the first thing that comes to mind is volume, charming curls and those perfect hair waves. Of course, these looks can only be achieved with a whole lot of spray – which can be harmful to your locks if used repeatedly – but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying them from time to time. Whether you like to style your hair in an up-do or leave it down in the most charming of ways, here’s our carefully-curated list of looks that can feed your retro love!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Ryan Lo
Mark Fast
Emilia Wickstead
Marco Rambaldi
Antonio Marras
Rejina Pyo
Naeem Khan
Miu Miu

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CHANEL’s No5 L’EAU Sets the Tone for a Wonderful Festive Season Ahead

Just when we thought that the festivities couldn’t get more exciting, CHANEL comes to add an unparalleled touch of elegance to the season. Yes, the French house plays its No5 L’EAU card to charm us and it actually is a great success! In celebration of the holiday season’s magic, CHANEL invites Jean-Paul Goude who immerses us in a world filled with joy and fantasy through a video starring CHANEL ambassador and face of the fragrance, Lily-Rose Depp.

Donning a little black dress, fingerless gloves and stunning red boots completed with a hairstyle reminiscent of the 1940s and a white beret, Lily-Rose Depp exudes a fresh and youthful charm like no other. Seated on a giant No5 L’EAU bottle, she gazes into a snow ball hoping to discover her future. Among a pile of gifts, she sees her lucky number, No5, and her favorite fragrance, No5 L’EAU. As she fills the atmosphere with her childlike joy, her ultra-modern spirit doesn’t fail to reveal itself.

Everything in the setting screams CHANEL, from the touches of red that the house uses in its iconic fragrance campaigns to pay tribute to its founder who considered it “the color of life, the color of blood”, to the giant double C in the background. Well, we couldn’t expect less from CHANEL to celebrate the holiday season in the most magical and enchanting of ways!

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Skincare Obsession

When it comes to skincare, I am very extreme; either I am doing 10 steps, or I am going to bed after wiping my face with a makeup wipe. Just like the gym though, skincare is something that you have to not only be passionate about, but also disciplined for.  No matter what the products I use, I have noticed that when I stay consistent and repeat the same routine every morning and night I always see results.
One silly way I get motivated is by watching skincare routines on YouTube. I love seeing how celebrities or influencers start their morning, or get “unready” in the evening. One tip they always have, is to no matter what, at least wash your face every night. If you are a product junkie like me, it’s hard not to try every new product that’s out there. But keep in mind, if you’re doing this, it might be hurting your skin. Always remember your skin type, and what works for your best friend might not work for you.
With any skincare routine there are a few really important steps that I never skip. I call these my “ride-or-die-can’t-live-without” products. I have to start every day with some Vitamin C. If you have never tried Vitamin C, try CLINIQUE Fresh Pressed 7-day System with Pure Vitamin C for one week, and your results will speak for themselves. The second must have is a hyaluronic acid; I use this after my Vitamin C and again at night. For that, I love the Moisture Surge™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator because it’s lightweight and I also use the eye cream from the same line.

Article Written by Aline Agopian

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Show Your Pout Some Love with These Hydrating Lipsticks

Cover Photo Courtesy of L’Oreal x Karl Lagerfeld

When the temperature drops, not only does your complexion gets dry but so do your lips. So, taking care of them is as important as following the right skincare routine that gets you through winter in a healthy, youthful look. Have we got your attention yet?

In fact, dry skin can really show age signs and ruin your beauty if not treated with the right products – and the same applies to your lips. Luckily for us, the beauty industry has, thanks to advanced research, come up with the concept of lip products that provide your pout with the care it needs while giving it a gorgeous look that perfectly fits your makeup. With so many textures made available, every woman out there will find the perfect lipstick for the cold season.

Whether you opt for a matte lipstick, a glossy one or one that plumps up your lips, wear that gorgeous smile and fight the cold with stylish, well taken care of lips! Join us and take a look at our 15 picks.

 Article Written by Mirella Haddad

CHANEL, Rouge Coco Flash in 212 Contraste
Givenchy, Encre Interdit in Nude Spot
Marc Jacobs Beauty, Le Marc Lip Crème in Slow Burn
Guerlain, KissKiss Liquid in Candid Matte
Charlotte Tilbury, Collagen Lip Bath in Peachy Plump
Dior, Rouge Ultra Care in Bliss
Hourglass, Girl Lip Stylo in Achiever
Laura Mercier, Rouge Essentiel Silky Crème Lipstick in Rouge Muse
CHANEL, Les Beiges Healthy Glow Lip Balm Intense
Givenchy, Le Rose Perfecto in N750
Marc Jacobs Beauty, Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick in Mocha Choco Lata!
Guerlain, KissKiss in Red Brick
Charlotte Tilbury, Superstar Lips in Pillow Talk
Dior, Dior Addict Stellar Shine in Pink Meteor
Laura Mercier, Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm in Cherries Jubilée

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Fall Blush Tones

Blush is one of those products that instantly makes you look healthier and happier.
How many times have you left the house without blush and everyone starts asking you if you are feeling ok? That rosy glow just gives off the illusion of well rested youth. But is rosy right for you, or are you more of a peachy babe? If you have really fair skin, lean more towards a pink shade. Surprisingly, peach is pretty universal and looks great on fair skin. A plum shade will work just as well, but make sure it’s not too bright for you.
If you have medium skin tone, a more brownish peach shade works better for you. Mauve or Berry are also options to play with in the Fall. 
If you have olive skin, don’t be scared to go a little orangey; it will compliment your skin. Rose is also a great fall option and my favorite is “bronze.”

For dark skin think, vibrant deeper shades like brick or berry.
So what are some of our options for Fall? We chose from one of our favorite blushes from NARS: 

Fair Skin “Angelika”
Medium Skin “Luster”
Olive Skin “Dolce Vita”
Dark Skin “Sed”

Article Written by Aline Agopian

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