Balenciaga Presents “The Lost Tape” for Fall 2022

It’s a message from the past of what could have been and never was, a trip to a time when clothing born from raw ideas could be found anywhere, a tribute to this late 90s era directed by Harmony Korine. This Fall 2022 presentation fills the gap from Balenciaga’s forgotten years through raver and post-grunge creations.

It plays with proportions to bring new silhouettes to life and evolve others, including Balenciaga signatures like the Basque waist jacket and the track suit. With modern comfort in mind, a bell-shaped parka is provided with a detachable travel pillow at the neck and vintage slip dresses are disassembled and brought back together, while five-pocket jeans are created from 3 pieces to be worn as a miniskirt, pants or XL thigh-high boots.

Among this sea of creativity rise the Excavator, a cowboy boot-inspired thigh-high wader, as well as the unisex square-toe ballerina flat called Kensington. Accessories also included the voluminous Falcon boots, the classic Lindsay bag, the front-flap Metro bag and the stone-washed Emo bag.

No matter how numerous are the creations that Demna presented, responsible production was key in his collection, using this season 89.6% certified sustainable plain and printed ready-to-wear fabrics as well as pieces of upcycled leather.

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