Balenciaga and Gucci Intertwined

After debuting The Hacker Project series during the Spring 22 runway show, Balenciaga continues with the launch of a new chapter on 15 November 2021 through its pop-up and pop-in stores. We’re talking about 74 places around the world that will introduce reimagined Balenciaga pieces – varying from cross-branded ready-to-wear marvels to accessories, bags, and cases – that reinterpret Gucci’s codes especially with their unique displays. Just like the carpets and curtains that are etched with a classic Gucci all-over print – to name a few, but with double-Bs instead of double-Gs, store windows are also tagged in the graffiti style with “GUCCI”, thus perfectly bringing the two majestic brands together. To make things even more interesting, each launch will include special activations and exclusives that will even transform the surrounding areas and recontextualize the brand. That will definitely implement The Hacker Project’s themes even more!

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