Back to School – The Boys Edition

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While getting used to the new normal that COVID-19 brought into our lives, our kids have a double task at this time of the year. Going back to school is already a hassle, so what if it was paired with a new lifestyle that puts their safety at the forefront of every interest?

Whether your boy is going to school while taking the safety measures applied everywhere or will be learning online, shopping for accessories that remind him of the good old days will help him get used to this situation. To give your little one the pleasure of starting a new school year, shopping for some must-haves is inevitable. While some new items are joining the list, such as laptop cases due to home schooling and Zoom classes, your kid will feel happier if you give him the chance to choose his favorites. And to make the task easier on you, here are a few pieces that will make this new year more fun!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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