Azyaamode Discovers Roger Vivier through Creative Director Gherardo Felloni

In March 2018, a new chapter for Roger Vivier started with Gherardo Felloni taking the creative realm of the shoemaking house. Since then, the iconic brand took a whole new direction, making it more coveted than ever. With both the modern woman and Roger Vivier’s heritage in mind, Felloni creates shoes that make their way to every lady’s wish-list and wardrobe. Join us to discover more about the designer and the world of the Roger Vivier.

How did your journey in the world of shoemaking start?

I grew up in Tuscany, in the Italian countryside, where my family owned an atelier for luxury shoes. So, at a very young age, I was already immersed in the beautiful world of shoe design and developed a unique appreciation and passion for artistry and craftsmanship.

Roger Vivier’s creations stand halfway between modern and classic styles. How does your passion for architecture connect to your creativity?

There are a lot of similarities between architecture and shoe design, like shape, structure, symmetry and balance, that certainly inspire my designs and give them character.

How do you define your visionary design in Roger Vivier’s language?

I would say it is the evolution of a Maison with a tremendously rich heritage. When I design, I keep in mind not only the codes of the Maison but also the contemporary woman that I design for, it is a matter of balance.

Who is the Roger Vivier woman?

The Roger Vivier woman has an eclectic style and a confident attitude. She is as comfortable in a pair of Viv’ Skate sneakers as she is in Broche Vivier pumps.

The buckle is a truly exceptional element in the brand’s history. What makes it so classic yet suitable for the modern taste?

The original Belle Vivier is an iconic style that embodies timeless beauty and elegance with its signature buckle featuring straight sides and rounded angles being the perfect symbol of modern balance. For this new FW collection, I reinterpreted it with a unique retro vibe, as fashionable as ever, to fit the lifestyle of the modern Vivier woman.

What is your favorite Roger Vivier design?

For Fall/Winter 2020, I designed the Belle Vivier Cuissarde boots, which are extremely special and exclusive. These boots are all meticulously handcrafted. They represent the high savoir- faire and artisanship of the Maison. It is also my precious homage to Monsieur Vivier who pioneered this style as one of his signatures that gained worldwide recognition when he designed it for Brigitte Bardot in the mid-sixties.

What to expect in terms of trends and styles for Fall/Winter 2020-2021?

I think that with everything that has happened, the way people dress will change. For the shoes, I would think that comfort and style will be at the forefront.

How does this year mark Roger Vivier’s journey?

As with all the others in fashion, this year has already marked the industry as a whole. I think that consumerism will change in such a way that people will be more conscious about what they buy. Quality and craftmanship will play a bigger role in what people will purchase.

What’s next for the brand in light of what’s happening around the world?

Our boutiques are reopening progressively one by one and, of course, we make sure that we have all the precautionary safety measures in place, so our clients can now visit and better explore the collections. For the next collection presentation, we are still strategizing on the best way to do it.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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