Azyaamode and Nojoud Alrumaihi Indulge in Chaumet’s Endless Charm

It takes elegance and grace to define the style of an Arab woman, and Nojoud Alrumaihi is a wonderful embodiment of this fusion between the traditional and the extraordinary. The Saudi-based entrepreneur and influencer treats her jewels like precious desires.

Along with her Arabian beauty, a simple black abaya sets the tone to her look, and the rest is a story of passion for Chaumet marvels that she certainly doesn’t fail to highlight by picking some of the Maison’s most iconic creations. Her Joséphine Aigrette earrings and rings are not the only elements contributing to her endless charm. An equally swooning Middle East pre-launch Joséphine Aigrette watch comes to add a touch of color to her look with its emerald-green alligator bracelet that magically wraps her wrist without hindrance or buckle. Well, it’s only natural for her to believe in her ability to run the whole world – not just her own.

Production: JALC
Videography: Patrick Sawaya
Stylist: Haya Abdullah
Hairdresser: Tarek Baghajati
Talent: Nojoud Alrumaihi

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