Aseel x Fauré Le Page, an Altering Collaboration

In a remarkable collaboration bringing together Fauré Le Page and Aseel Omran, a new era of cultural fusion and empowering style is set to begin. This campaign with the Saudi actress is Fauré Le Page's first-ever with a Middle Eastern celebrity, and it aims to signify a monumental stride towards inclusivity, diversity, and cross-cultural representation.

Showcasing a stunning mix of both classic and limited edition new pieces from the Fall/Winter “Large Scale” collection, such as Daily Battle 35, Take It Easy 19, and Dreambag 47, this partnership serves as a testament to Aseel's ability to seamlessly blend Middle Eastern heritage with international allure. In fact, it’s not just about fashion; it's about bridging cultures, celebrating shared values, and embracing the beauty of unity.

Available exclusively at the Dubai Mall Boutique, you’re invited to explore The Aseel Omran Collection by Fauré Le Page yourself and become part of this extraordinary journey towards inclusivity and cultural appreciation and celebrate the fusion of cultures, the power of diversity, and the appeal of timeless elegance where tradition and contemporary style blend harmoniously.

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