Are You Ready for a Hike in Europe?

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Fall is the perfect time to go on a hiking trip. With the crisp weather offering us the opportunity to enjoy a nice hike in nature, it’s hard to keep ourselves from planning one with friends or family. You might think that some mountains might be hard for a family trip but nature is home to some easy and moderate trails.

Below, we’re going to tell you about 5 hiking trails that will let you discover European nature’s treasures.

West Highland Way
This easy to moderate hike with a distance of 151 km requires 7 days of fun and breathtaking views. Besides giving you the opportunity to visit both Scotland and the United Kingdom, it’s a perfect destination for a hike in September and October before it gets really cold.
Walker’s Haute Route
Discover a new side of France and Switzerland, one that takes you on a difficult and challenging hike from Mont Blanc to Matterhorn. With a distance of 180 km, this trail requires 14 days to be accomplished but will give you the opportunity to feast your eyes on the scenery that brings together snow peaks, lush green valleys and charming European villages.
El Caminito Del Rey
If you’re looking for a small hike while you’re in Spain, this one is just perfect! Requiring half a day, this easy trail is located in Andalucía and filled with blooming orchids, whitewashed villages and ancient mountain towns with history. But hey, don’t let that “easy” fool you, as this hike will require bravery and mental endurance.
Alta Via 1
Get amazed by the pictorial rock formation in the north east of Italy by hiking this moderate trail. 150 km, 8 days and endless awe-inspiring scenes will make this experience pretty special.
North Cape
Enjoy this moderate hike in Norway and let the stunning scenes take your breath away for up to 5 days. Yes, this trail can be extended and it will take you from 1 to 5 days to accomplish depending on the distance you choose.
Article Written by Mirella Haddad
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