Are Block Heels the New It Heels?

They’re edgy, they’re comfortable and most of all, they’re very in. Yes, block heels are the heels to own right now and it all comes down to the styles and shapes you want to adopt!

While at some point they were considered as the ultimate crimes against fashion a woman can commit, they’ve recently re-emerged as the It heels to wear. Granted, we all love ourselves a pair of sky-high stilettos, but are the pains and blisters worth all the trouble? To save you from all the unwanted troubles, designers have created a little something called “block heels”, specifically made to make your lives – and ours – just a tad better! Along came the block-heeled mules, the block-heeled sandals and the block-heeled everything.

So what’s so great about these beauties? Well, for starters, they go perfectly well with pretty much everything – from your average denims to skirts and dresses. Also, they can upgrade any outfit with nothing but sheer elegance. To help you out, we’ve scoured the most wanted block heels in the Photo Gallery below.


Cindy Menassa

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Shoes Beyond 9 to 5

Cover Photo Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

It’s a story as old as time: corporate life can be quite daunting if you don’t master the art of dressing right. But what does “Dressing right” mean within the threshold of a 9 to 5 job? Ultimately, it means dressing appropriately as per the dress code of your company and it means respecting the codes and values of the environment.

But dressing appropriately doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose your fashion sense. And that’s where workplace attires come to life – attires that can also take you from your office hours to nights out with your friends in sheer style, elegance and modesty. But perhaps the best way to top your 9-to-5 attire is with fabulously appropriate shoes – because how else will you channel the Carrie Bradshaw in you?

Of course, your choices here are somewhat restricted, what with the unspoken rule of “no sandals allowed”, but nonetheless, you still have a lot of styles to choose from. Whether you’re a classic pumps kind of girl or more of a minimalistic mules type of person, the only thing that matters is that you fit within the dress code of your job and your soirée! To help you out, we’ve scoured a series of unique shoes to take you from day to night in style.

Max Mara
Via Net-A-Porter
Gianvito Rossi
Via Net-A-Porter
Malone Souliers
Via Matches Fashion
Salvatore Ferragamo
Via Net-A-Porter
Kate Spade
Proenza Schouler
Via Net-A-Porter
Cult Gaia
Via Net-A-Porter

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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My Life is In This Bag – A Celebration of Tod’s Finest D-Styling Bag

Every woman has a little something she simply must carry with her wherever she goes. For some, it might be their phone and for others, their makeup kit. And so, Tod’s takes us on a delightful journey with it-girls Alaa Balkhy and Lana El Sahely to celebrate Tod’s D-Styling bag #mylifeisinthisbag. The D-Styling pegs itself as an evolution of the D Bag – Lady Diana’s beloved Tod’s purse.

Indeed, as it turns out, entrepreneur Alaa Balkhy has a couple of things she literally must carry in her Tod’s bag. The beautiful Saudi it-girl celebrates the bag with a short film shot in her native city of Jeddah and as she opens her blue D-Styling tote, she reveals various facets of her personality and takes on an exploration of the city through her eyes. 

Lebanese blogger Lana El Sahely, on the other hand, celebrates the tote in her second home Dubai. As she shows us that her life is indeed in her bag, we discover the ever-so evolving relationship between her hectic life and motherhood.

So what’s in your bag?

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Meticulous Artistry Behind the Savoir-Faire of the J’Adior Pumps

For as long as we can remember, human kind has resorted to the wear of classic pieces In fact, there are many beautiful pieces that are and will always be at the forefront of the “classic” level. With that “classic” in mind, Maria Grazia Chiuri for Fall 2019, reintroduces Dior’s J’Adior pumps, but this time around, they come with her magic touch. 

The reinvented pumps are adorned with the moniker white "J'Adior" ribbon, revealing a pair of fabulously black embroidered shoes. Speaking of, the pumps require no less than 230,000 embroidery stitches using a unique and innovative technique. But that’s not all, as for the first time ever, they’re made using a single, seamless piece of fabric - exactly like the shoes that Dior custom-made for Chiara Ferragni for her wedding. Considered as the expression of the couture savoir-faire in the House’s ateliers, this style in particular takes more than 9 hours to produce.

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Unique Gifts for Father’s Day

Cover Photo Courtesy of

He used to pick you up and swirl you around, he used to wipe away your tears and he taught you how to ride a bike for the very first time. Yes, not all heroes wear capes and your father is living proof!

So for all the years he spent spoiling you and making sure you got through the difficult years of life, don’t you think it’s time to return the favor? That said, on this very special occasion, we thought it best to pamper all the great fathers out there, from first-time daddies to older ones! The great thing about this is that there are so many options out there to show your father or the male figure in your life that you love him, we can’t seem to settle on one single gift! But fear not, we’ve scoured the best father’s day gifts ranging from summer-ish swimsuits, to dapper ties, cool shades, trendy shoes and unique bags.

This time around, the daddies of the world won’t even know what hit them!

Berluti travel bag
Valentino swimsuit
Via Matches Fashion
Dior Homme sunglasses
Via Matches Fashion
Bally belt
Via Moda Operandi
Lanvin cufflinks
Dunhill weekender bag
Paul Smith cufflinks
Berluti swimsuit
Gucci briefcase
Prada boat shoes
Via Matches Fashion
Tom Ford tie
Dunhill blouse
Gucci sunglasses
Via Matches Fashion
Missoni Mare swimsuit
Via Matches Fashion
Prada wallet
Via Moda Operandi
Amiri cardigan
Via Moda Operandi
Dunhill sneakers
Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses
Via Moda Operandi

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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A New Story with Bvlgari’s Serpenti Viper Novelties

Check out Bvlgari’s Serpenti Viper novelties here.

Spring is the season of renewal and Bvlgari definitely knows a thing or two about this. So, the Italian high jewelry house unveils new Serpenti Viper marvels – adding charm and mystery to this iconic collection.

These novelties take snake scales, which constitute a cornerstone in the design and aesthetic of this line, to new levels through 3 bracelets crafted from 18-carat pink gold and colorful touches that recall the multi-colored skin of the snake. From the rich green of malachite to the fiery red of carnelian and the elegant black of onyx, you will get to explore its sources of inspiration that never cease to impress us.

Under the title of “Little Secrets of Seduction”, Bvlgari launches a new digital campaign that depicts the powerful and elegant personality of the Viper woman as it unfolds her irresistible charm. And for this campaign, the Roman jewelry house taps Nadine Nassib Njeim as 2019’s face of Serpenti Viper in the Middle East. The Lebanese actress embodies the spirit of the iconic collection through her outstanding beauty and her captivating charm.

In a series of short films, Bvlgari accompanies Nadine Njeim to different locations in order to capture the character of the Serpenti Viper woman. Her journey starts when she wakes up and turns off the alarm then starts preparing herself and wearing her jewelry as a true Bvlgari woman does. It continues with her passing through the hotel corridor, where she drops her necklace and a handsome man catches it and gets charmed by her elegance. As she sits in an Italian café and waits for her coffee, she realizes that her necklace has disappeared. Soon enough, the waiter comes and brings her the coffee along with the pendant. A bright smile illuminates her face when she discovers that the handsome man gave her back the pendant, predicting the start of a treasured love story. A true Bvlgari fairytale…

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Karen Wazen Eyewear Unveils Second Collection

It’s in the spirit of diversity, self-expression and individuality that Karen Wazen Eyewear launches its second collection, designing sunglasses for literally everyone. Indeed, the brand’s commitment to celebrate diversity through a wide variety of silhouettes is mostly apparent through shapes that could suit any women’s personal style and face shape.

“At the core of our brand, we believe in inclusivity, and that fashion is for everyone. These values are translated throughout the videos and photos we created for this season’s campaign, showcasing the beautiful diversity of women and versatility of our eyewear. The shoot was so much fun, with every woman choosing her own favorite pair to reflect her style and mood.” says Karen Wazen.

And so, new pairs of sunglasses come alive in a whirlpool of the designer’s adventurous approach to fashion – all of which are named after women from all around the world. Standout styles range from debut favorites such as “The 80’s” and “The Retro’s” – redesigned with larger lenses encased in slick metallic frames to compliment more face shapes – to pairs with rimless lenses in rectangular, circular and square shapes, and the brand’s D-framed pairs that strike a balance between futuristic and athletic.

The collection’s upbeat campaign takes form in Dubai, featuring none other than Karen Wazen herself alongside ten women from varying ethnicities and backgrounds – all of whom possess different personal styles and unique traits and wearing Karen Wazen Eyewear’s nine new styles as well as revamped models of its best-sellers.

Want to get your hands on Karen Wazen’s unique creations? Well brace yourselves, because Karen Wazen Eyewear’s second collection will be available for pre-order on June 13, 2019 at

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