Another Olfactory Marvel Joins Narciso Rodriguez’s “For Her” Collection

After 18 years, Narciso Rodriguez’s “For Her” collection is still growing. With the new addition “Musc Noir”, women’s powerful mystique, inner beauty and mysterious sensuality are honored with the transformative power of musk. A true celebration of the intriguing nature of female expression.

Once again exploring the raw power of the signature musk, the brand reflected the enigma of modern femininity through a new olfactory marvel. Sonia Constant, “Musc Noir” perfumer, took the musk’s darker, more intense aspects and artistically mixed them with leathery suede accords, heliotrope, white cedar, rose and a hint of plum. A unique masterpiece!  

As for the amazing bottle, it makes the perfume even more desirable as it appears for the first time in its purest form: a translucent bottle, revealing the mystery within.

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