UAE's 50s

An Artistic Loro Piana and Mattar Bin Lahej Collaboration

Different celebrations highlighted the Loro Piana Gala that took place at the historic site of The Union House, at Etihad Museum. During this special evening held in honor of the extraordinary collaboration with Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej and in celebration of UAE’s 50th anniversary, many guests gathered and enjoyed a unique night. In fact, on this occasion, the talented artist also unveiled a breathtaking artwork inspired by the UAE National Anthem using his self-created Arabic Mattar Font that adorned fifty limited-edition Loro Piana cashmere plaids. And to top it all, he made a final gesture in commemoration of this special collaboration and unveiled “Constitution”, a 5.5 meters unique stainless-steel sculpture, beneath the iconic flagpole of the United Arab Emirates.

In short, this evening brought together the different cultures of Italy and the UAE, as Loro Piana once again honors the country in its own way, shortening the distance even more between the brand’s universe and the local community in a meaningful way.

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