An Aquarel Studio Collection for Women from All Walks of Life

Through its new Wild Essence collection for Cruise 2022, Aquarel Studio invites you to take a walk into the depths of Nature. There, where it chose empowerment as the main theme, the brand will help you experience an unparalleled love for fashion with its timeless handmade pieces in the most elegant way. Soraya Hachem and Cindy Charafeddine, founders of this amazing Beirut-based brand, convey friendship, love and sustainability with wonders that will perfectly fit your body as they add as splash of color not only to your look, but actually to your whole life as well. However, that’s not all; especially in the company of the collection’s star pieces – like the Sun Blazer and the Moon Dress – we celebrate the ability of women to be both sensitive and vulnerable yet strong and assertive, reflected through the liveliest creations you can ever lay eyes on. Exactly what a woman needs to express herself freely!

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