Amine Jreissaty Unveils New ‘Boyfriend’ Collection

Meet ‘Boyfriend”, a brand that boasts minimalism as much as it prides itself in simplicity. Created by stylist-turned-designer Amine Jreissaty, the androgynous brand has kicked off its journey with a 5-piece capsule collection exclusively sold at 6:05 Concept store in Beirut.

The gist of it? A collection that turns a corner with oversized clothes, run-of-the-mill colors and the most laid-back and relaxed vibe there is. Jreissaty first took this prosperous plunge into the design world by creating a piece in collaboration with Lebanese brand Sarah’s Bags. This first foray into this world ignited a drive to further develop the endeavor, hence giving way to a slew of beautifully oversized pieces, fit for both men and women. Think shirts, a pair of jeans, a jacket, a long vest and a coat – all of which are upholstered with two big bold elastics made to re-adjust the clothes as one pleases. Pure genius.

So for those of you wanting to lead with a simple statement, we think we just found the ultimate collection for you. Because yes, everyone who’s anyone will surely be swooning over Jreissaty’s designs. But don’t just take our word for it, sift through the Photo Gallery below to view Amine Jreissaty’s bespoke collection.

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