All Creatures Are Beautiful with Sabhan Adam and Zina Khair

In an artistic collaboration that brought together two worlds through unique pieces, Zina Khair, founder of Le Marais 101, and the talented Sabhan Adam presented Les Créatures Sublimes. Each portrayed in different ways their observations and sensitivities through various mediums and creations that very often reveal the preconceptions we have of beauty and society. The latter often shapes us to become sublime creatures, an idea they shed the light on while pursuing their path to stand by their vision of the modern world.

“I selected both: the typical kind with the creatures and his softer side with women and flowers” - Zina Khair  

The raw, genuine and honest exhibition celebrates the duality of humanity and individuality breaking from the norm of modern society’s expectations stating that like these creatures we are in constant motion, struggling to break free from the conditioning of environment and society. Sabhan Adam’s beautiful “monsters” question our preconceived notions of beauty, and with the accessories of Le Marais 101 within, his art became natural.

“When he chooses a theme it develops into a series of around 50 individual pieces of the same spirit, but in this case we worked on a maximum of 4 discontinued, limited-edition pieces” - Zina Khair 

Wearing Le Marais 101 accessories enables us to individualize and elevate our own apparel, a vision that was conveyed through this exhibition to remind us to be ourselves.

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