ALAÏA Is Here to Help You Relax

Cover Photo Courtesy of Billy Ballard

In an exclusive collection, ALAÏA revived its second-skin knits. “Relax” comprises 10 new marvels that hug a women’s body so perfectly to bring out the beauty of different body shapes with extreme comfort. The clean and pure cuts, artistic embroideries, refined materials and every perfectly-handled details come all together to reflect the unlimited talent of the House’s artisans.

Not only the collection’s marvels will make you feel good in your skin as they become your armor, but also ALAÏA went an extra mile and is planning with Martine de Richeville to launch at the end of this month, April 2021, a cabin dedicated to her signature “Reshaping of the body” treatment in the ALAÏA boutique at 5 Rue de Marignan in Paris. Is there a better way to redraw your silhouette, tone your tissues and reconnect positively to your body?  

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