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Al Fardan Jewellery and G by Gerza Redefine Embroidery 

Just in time ahead of Ramadan, Al Fardan Jewellery introduced new marvels. Inspired by rich Emirati heritage and the region's empowered, sophisticated, modern women, the release was in collaboration with the renowned bespoke hand embroidery brand, G by Gerza founded by Fatima Ali Abed. Together, they revealed a limited-edition line paying homage to the Al Noor jewelry collection. We’re talking about mukhawars with intricate embellishments and refined tailoring presenting the finest Japanese crepe silk with a delicate and soft texture, and threaded with gold arabesque designs reflective of the geometric jewelry designs from the Al Noor collection. The latter also witnessed an extension on this occasion, as new mother-of-pearl designs were added to it so we complete our looks with the same level of amazingness.

Each of the pieces has a beautiful link to the history and landscape of Middle Eastern culture, which makes them even more desirable.

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