Adore Your Body with Dior’s “Les Adorables” Beauty Marvels

With new releases, Dior comes to pamper us again in unprecedented ways. “Les Adorables” collection witnessed an extension with amazing novelties, taking the “J’adore” scented body care products to new heights. We’re talking about a distinguished trio that reinvents the body care ritual in the spirit of well-being and sensuality, and serves to strengthen the fragrance trail of J’adore: The Body cream, the Shimmering body gel, and the Shimmering body scrub. They bring out the new way of wearing a fragrance that the J’adore Parfum D’eau presents with its water-to-skin formula that is as comfortable as it is natural.

Between the revisited textures, reinforced benefits and enhanced design characterizing these desirable marvels, they become more like an instant source of natural pleasure, especially with their sensorial textures and other distinctive features, all in all benefiting from Dior’s formulation expertise.

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