Adorable in Denim

Remember how much you hated when your mom used to dress you? You’d think she didn’t really understand the true essence of fashion and you’d rebel against her choices. Little did you know she had very strong insights! Well mommas, we’ve got news for you! Your little darlings are going through the same rebellion period, so don’t be too tough on them when push comes to shove.

That said, since all kids love all things denims, we thought we’d give you a little peak into the denim world! This season, designers have been binging on denim jackets – whether they’re embroidered, embellished or as plain as ever. We’ve seen colors range from light blue wash to darker tones and from greys to blacks. We’ve seen embroideries taking over the front of the jacket and its back. But the one common denominator all these styles have is the Fabulous-Factor.

And so, we’ve rounded a series of must-have jackets for your little ones in the Photo Gallery below.


Cindy Menassa

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