A Ramadan Journey with Bvlgari and Aseel Omran

Bvlgari’s world of accessories is a click away…

On a beautiful and blessed Ramadan day in Old Jeddah, she woke up to a day filled with professional and familial duties. However, she has always taken those as an opportunity to prove herself and realize her dreams. As an energetic woman who’s always on the go, she never fails to embrace life with joy and positivity and that definitely shows from the elegance of her style. She’s contemporary yet always truthful to her origins and authenticity, bold yet never fails to show off that beautiful shyness, cosmopolitan yet proud of her past and heritage.

No one is better than Aseel Omran to embody this woman filled with contradictions that make her personality nothing less than complete. An artist and social media influencer in her own right, she takes us on a journey to the streets of Old Jeddah while highlighting the importance of the integration between the past and the present. In fact, that’s her way in boldly striving for a better future while having that respect and nostalgic feeling for the past.

Celebrating this blessed month, she leaves her house accompanied by her bag from Bvlgari’s Ramadan capsule collection that was exclusively dedicated to the Middle East region and starts her journey. She completes her elegant look with this beauty that brings together emerald green and a brownish red hue and never fails to take her from day to night in a unique style.

And if you think that this journey with Bvlgari has come to an end, you’re absolutely wrong. This journey is not all about the historic Jeddah, but also about its contemporary side. In a second video, join us as we accompany Aseel during her visit to an exhibition entitled ATHR. Diving in the contemporary art world, she highlights the importance of the present and all it offers us while she carries this versatile Bvlgari bag from the Middle East-exclusive Ramadan Capsule collection.

After all, what more could we expect from Bvlgari and Aseel Omran coming together than the perfect combination of authenticity, audacity and fashionable style?

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Celine Haute Parfumerie Graces the Dubai Mall

We have been admiring Celine’s perfume line from afar for a while now, and we fell in love with it just by looking at its wonderful bottle – oh that black cap! Fortunately, starting November 15, we will be able to smell each and every one of the 9 released perfumes at the brand’s boutique in the Dubai Mall; it seems like we have to wait some more to get our hands on the whole collection as two other charming olfactory creations – Bois Dormant and Rimbaud – will be released in 2020.

With classic black and white colors that took over the boutique with an amazing set of mirrors that reflect the bottles’ details in the most perfect way, Celine set new heights to what a perfect perfume is all about, thus – once again – managing to take our breath away! Take a look at the video below and feast your eyes on that beautiful world that will give you the chance of a lifetime as Celine’s perfumes will turn your olfactory senses upside down.

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Discover How to Be More Lady Like with Dior

Dior is better with friends, and thanks to the photographer Joan Braun we got the chance to look at Dior through their eyes. And as we all seek femininity through our looks, the French House keeps showering us with its beautiful creations that accompany each and every Lady Dior. You can choose between classic bags, colorful ones, clutches cross-body designs and other iconic pieces to reflect your personality as you look elegant and bold while preserving that feminine aura.     

From Ruth Bell to Angelababy, Adesuwa Aighewi, Sun Yihan, Anne Nakamura, Wang Likun, Kat Graham, Wanwan Lei, Olympia of Greece, Lineisy Montero, Alisha Nesvat, Evelyn Nagy, Sara Grace Wallerstedt, Adria Arjona and Eleonora Abbagnato, each of these astonishing women showcased their unique personality with their favorite bags from Dior, thus showing us what it’s like to be “ladylike” for them. Which one describes you best, ever thought about it?

Are you wondering which bags our stars chose? Have a look at these videos we gathered for you as they reveal a new version of Dior!

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Be Unique with Dior’s J’adore

Between your gorgeous outfit, your exquisite make-up and matching accessories, one thing is missing to make you feel as charming as you look: a drop of Dior’s J’adore perfume. It will add the perfect final touch as Monsieur Dior always imagined. This breathtaking creation is all about femininity, boldness and sensuality. Once you try it on, you won’t even know how you used to live without it, especially that all the magic you desire is trapped in that symbolic little bottle.

With the release of the House’s new video, we can see how Charlize Theron – the award winning actress and producer – embodied once again, the codes and values of Dior in the most perfect way as a single drop caresses her golden body, showing how this amazing perfume works its magic.  

There’s nothing more magical than leaving a room while your scent still lingers on, thus, Dior’s mission to "dress women in the scent of desire", is amazingly accomplished!

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CHANEL X Azyaamode – In the Mood for Some Black and White Charm

Made iconic, elegant and timeless by the House’s founder Gabrielle Chanel, these 2 symbolic colors come back in this season’s makeup collection to reveal the unparalleled charm of contrasts.

This sumptuous beauty collection saw the light through the reinterpretation of these two non-colors of CHANEL by Lucia Pica, the house’s Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer. And now, it’s time for Azyaamode to explore it in a collaboration full of mystery!

At the end of the day, it’s nothing more than a chess game! Win or lose, your beauty is unbeatable.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Chanel’s “Mademoiselle Privé” Exhibition in Tokyo

For its fifth “Mademoiselle Privé” exhibition, this time, CHANEL will be adding some charm to Japan through the B&C Hall- Tennoz in Tokyo city. This parallel world that embodies the studio of Mademoiselle Chanel in Paris will be open for visitors starting October 19th and will last until December 1st. This exhibition is just another wonderful display of the House’s codes and values that doesn’t seem to know any barriers as they travel to reach each and every Chanel woman in the world.

Between the remarkable Haute-couture designs, the incredible high jewelry pieces and the unique CHANEL No 5 perfume, Chanel gives us the chance to go on an exceptional journey. As we wander between the two floors, we are amazed by the different symbolic colors of the House: white, beige, black, red and baroque gold and the effect of the displayed mirrors. This mixture proved once again how the French House never seizes to amaze us!

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Louis Vuitton’s Leather Goods Campaign Strikes Again!

Ever wondered what is it about your look that is missing? Well, let me tell you: all you need is a Louis Vuitton bag! This October, the second part of the House’s leather goods’ campaign will be launched, which gives us the chance to choose between the House’s new classic designs. Thanks to Marie-Amélie Sauvé who styled the campaign, we have  images and videos to help us through our shopping adventure, because Craig McDean chose the amazing blue sky and sparkling sunlight as a beautiful background to photograph the two talented actresses Alicia Vikander and Léa Seydoux while they show-off the wonderful bags. This mixture of eye-catching elements made the campaign a one of a kind journey.

Between the Capucines, Twist and Dauphine bags, the elegant women embodied the spirit of Louis Vuitton in the most perfect way. We’re just in love with these bags! Curious to know what we’re talking about? Join us to watch Louis Vuitton’s lively, colorful and charming campaign video.

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