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A Precious “Grain de Café” Shines Like a Sun in Cartier’s World

Discover Cartier’s new Grain de Café jewelry collection here.

Beauty is everywhere, even in the less expected places… That’s what Cartier is proving through its latest “Grain de Café” jewelry collection. Embracing the connection between the ordinary and the precious, the French high jewelry Maison finds in nature yet another inspiration for a jewel. Full, round and fleshy, the coffee bean is at the heart of a new jewelry collection that perfectly embodies nature’s rebellion, freedom and sophistication.

It’s through unexpected and original pieces that Cartier expresses its endless creativity and unparalleled savoir-faire, and designs living, moving, opulent and joyful marvels – reviving Creative Director Jeanne Toussaint’s greatly successful motif that appeared in 1938. The “Grain de Café” creations have ever since often reinterpreted this energy bean into sunny, gold pieces studded with diamonds or colored stones, while they were sometimes sculpted in noble materials such as coral, or even half-paved.

Today, a new collection of precious pieces comes to light. And as explained by Jewelry and Watchmaking Creative Director Marie-Laure Cérède, “Grain de Café introduces a new preciousness by elevating a single material, gold, and playing with light, finishes and volumes to create an acoustic collection brimming with soul.”

Lending nature further proof as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, the new “Grain de Café” collection features rings, a necklace and bracelet mounted on a chain in two colors of gold, topped with a single or double crown of beans set with diamonds of different sizes, as well as a ring and a necklace that redefine elegance in rose gold and obsidian dotted with diamonds – perfectly exuding the style and independent spirit that Cartier has always been known for offering.

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