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A New Chapter in Chopard’s “Happy Spirit” Saga

Childhood, joy, motion and style are the cornerstones of Chopard’s Happy Spirit creations, which have become talismans in the world of jewelry drawing a smile on the face of every woman who wears them. Reflecting through its designs the lightness of joyful moments and the purity of happiness, this collection is the epitome of timeless beauty.

Diamonds dancing in a circle like an endless celebration of life… this is what these Chopard marvels are all about. Now, a new chapter begins in this journey as new necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and bangles in 18-carat gold and diamonds highlight the iconic concept of moving diamonds. Always redefining joy and charm, a sleeker and lighter design sees the light to add an unparalleled luminosity to your look.

And with the same timeless feel, Maison Chopard celebrate femininity once again, as well as the kinetic energy of a modern woman who is always in quest for a new way to express her joyful self. Whether on a usual daily adventure or at a special occasion donning a sophisticated gown, this collection speaks her language through both its diamond-set white gold version or two-tone polished rose and white gold one.

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