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A Man with a Stylish Wrist

Cover Photo Courtesy of Chopard

Gentlemen, it’s fine time to add some style to your wrists. The matter is not only one of time-telling anymore, as the watchmaking world is embracing style in all its forms through timepieces that speak volumes about their wearers. Some men might not like to wear bracelets, but watches are essential to their daily adventures to the extent that they have earned a great place in their wardrobe. 

To every man his style, and it’s his language to express his personality. Some men favor classic timepieces, while some others flaunt their audacity through colorful options. And for those who are fond of fine watchmaking, some of our favorite houses are generous enough to give them watches that stir conversations and feed their passion. So, to which team do you belong? Check our picks and let’s find out!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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