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A Look into Vacheron Constantin’s “One of Not Many” Mentorship Program with Alexander Schmiedt

Coming from a family of watch enthusiasts, Alexander Schmiedt was touched by the art of watchmaking. Sharing this fine passion, he advanced in his career to become Brand Director of Vacheron Constantin Middle East.

Alexander Schmiedt not only shares with the brand its values, as this year has unveiled his interest in the Emirati community through the “One of Not Many” Mentorship Program, which he tells us about in details in this interview. 

How did the “One of Not Many” Mentorship Program come to life?

Like the UAE, Vacheron Constantin has always been strongly rooted to its heritage and very devoted to innovation. We wanted to create a program that gives back to the local Emirati community, whilst staying true to the Maison’s heritage and aligned together with the United Arab Emirates vision.

The end goal is to inspire and empower the younger female generation through a unique experience outside the walls of a classroom which includes first-hand observations, explorations and experimentations.

We have partnered with Zayed University to create the ‘One of Not Many’ Mentorship Program with the help of 6 inspiring Emirati mentors who will guide 6 female senior students from Zayed University for a period of 6 months.

As Vacheron Constantin’s Regional Brand Director, what makes this initiative important to ambitious Arab women?

Vacheron Constantin has always dedicated high importance and appreciation to women and this is evident in our strong feminine heritage. Today, we see many changes that Arab women have led over the last years, bringing people together for positive change and inspiring those around them.

This initiative is important because it’s an experience that the 6 students might not have been able to receive before and it will give their career a head start through the real-world knowledge they will take out of it.

With such a great step for Arab women getting closer to achieving their ambitions, what could be awaiting them next from Vacheron Constantin?

To further support this initiative and what we started with the 6 students, Vacheron Constantin will offer a 6-month internship opportunity at the end of the ‘One of Not Many’ Mentorship Program which will help kickstart their career in the luxury industry and encourage them to consider this industry as a career option. It will be an immersive internship program tailor-made to help them grow in the direction they wish and designed to get them ready for a future without limits.

Who is the best female representation of Vacheron Constantin’s new Égerie collection?

Vacheron Constantin is delighted that Yiqing Yin is the face of the Egerie collection. Yiqing Yin is a prominent figure in the world of Haute Couture and perfectly represents the two worlds of watchmaking and haute couture, which is the messaging and inspiration of the entire collection.

Yiqing Yin is acknowledged and respected within the select circle of Haute Couture connoisseurs, which all naturally aligns with Vacheron Constantin. Yiqing Yin shares with the watchmakers and artisans of the Maison a concern for detail and a passion for learning and discovery which is equally as important.

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