A Journey Through CHANEL’s Iconic Bags

Iconic creations call for iconic films that shed the light on the savoir-faire bringing them to life, and for CHANEL’s campaign entitled “THE CHANEL ICONIC”, this is exactly what we expected. Highlighting the craftsmanship behind the 11.12 bag, filmmaker and friend of the house Sofia Coppola wandered the streets of Paris and visited the Ateliers de Verneuil-en-Halatte to immerse us in the universe where CHANEL’s iconic bags are made.

It’s through a one-of-a-kind video that she invites us to join this mesmerizing journey, unveiling some of the essential steps that make CHANEL’s bags so… CHANEL. From selecting the leather to the quilting of each piece with a point droit de couturière, the sewing of the pockets, the stitching of the double C beneath the flap, the mounting by hand using the bag-in-the-bag technique, the manual braiding of the metal chain interlaced with a leather ribbon, not to mention the positioning of the eyelets and the double C clasp – which constitutes the signature of the 11.12 bag, this is what we call a couturière’s creation designed like a ready-to-wear one to become a true embodiment of CHANEL’s take on timeless elegance.

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