A Gisou Serum for a Perfect Hair

Who doesn’t love a perfect hair look? Looking after your scalp is the secret behind a healthy, shiny and voluminous hair, and that’s what Gisou Founder, Negin Mirsalehi, reminded us of – “Healthy hair is beautiful hair, and it all starts with your scalp!” – when Gisou's long awaited honey infused scalp treatment was finally launched in the region. We’re talking about a unique leave-on serum that is lightweight, fast-absorbing, highly concentrated and fast acting. Formulated with 99% natural ingredients – with a powerful blend of Mirsalehi Honey and 5 scalp-targeting actives – it targets the signs of unbalanced scalp microbiome to instantly help replenish, balance and protect irritated, dry and oily scalps. And of course, it offers a much-needed long-lasting hydration.

In short, what we’re trying to say is that your hair is about to get a lot better now that this beauty marvel became available in the region.

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