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A Full Boucheron High Jewelry Collection Inspired by a Single Piece

Just like every January, Boucheron’s Creative Director Claire Choisne created a new High Jewelry collection after revisiting the archives. This year’s collection, Histoire de Style, Like a Queen, honors an icon whose style transcended decades, the late Queen Elizabeth. We’re talking about a Boucheron aquamarine and diamond double-clip brooch her highness received on her 18th birthday after which she continued wearing throughout her reign. Inspired by this unique piece to create a High Jewelry collection reinterpreting the famous Art Deco design through 18 contemporary new creations, the Creative Director definitely outdid herself.

This distinguished collection stands out by its monochrome plays on joyful, intense colors – inspired by the spirit of the bright outfits that Queen Elizabeth famously wore – and surpasses all genres with the particular design that started it all. Each of the pieces reflects the unique spirit of the two cerulean clips – whether they were attached in various ways, on their own, or together.

From the deep, hypnotic blue of a six-carat Ceylon sapphire to the frosty white of the white gold, diamonds, and rock crystals, the green garden paved with emeralds, the multicolored sapphires in vivid tones, and everything in between, the line sparkles with a cherry ruby necklace, a pink tourmaline brooch, an azure aquamarine cuff bracelet, earrings adorned with lush emeralds, and many more designs varying not only in type but in your way of wearing them as well.

No matter how you assemble your pieces, the famous Art Deco design will come to life in the most contemporary way for you to shine in color!

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