A Fiery Hermès Collection for Autumn-Winter 2022

Cover Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Vigliotta
Photo Gallery Images Courtesy of Studio des Fleurs

Now that the cold season is around the corner, every warming source is welcomed. Thanks to Hermès, three refillable lipsticks and two nail enamels from the Rouge Hermès and Les Mains Hermès Autumn-Winter 2022 limited-edition collection are here for us to stay warm in style. Between the new metallic finish of the nail polishes and the beautifully scented lipsticks – with notes of arnica, sandalwood and candied angelica flower – exuding with the fragrance created for Rouge Hermès by Christine Nagel, director of creation and olfactory heritage for Hermès Parfums, the experience is immersive, tactile, visual and magnetic.     

And since all these new marvels became available in selected Hermès retail outlets around the world from 1 September 2022, you can now add them to your beauty pouch for an extra dose of warmth burning with amazingness!

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