A Dyptique Journey with the Art of Perfumery

Whoever knows Diptyque the slightest, knows that perfume is an art, and art is a journey. This journey is celebrating today the House’s 60th anniversary paying once again tribute to the Middle East through a new fragrance: the amazing Eau Rihla. With leather as its keynote, things got more interesting as it’s obtained from Chinese cedarwood which is charmingly velvety and sensual. And with a few touches of pink peppercorn saffron, iris and vanilla accords here and there, we got a dreamy contrast of intensity and harshness mixed with comfort and warmth.

Now, enough with the talking, hurry up and put your hands on this beauty marvel as it’s only available exclusively in the Middle East until June 2021. You definitely don’t want to miss on the entirely gold central oval that the House completed the bottle with for the first time!

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