A Dinner with a Message

Cover Photo of Natalia Vodianova by Florina Boggia

Due to the lockdown the world is experiencing, a lot of events were cancelled. But that doesn’t mean good hearts were locked as well at all! As soon as restaurant La Guérite reopened its doors, generosity was on top of its list. Thus, with the support of Chaumet, the Riviera charity dinner was held at the restaurant. Hosted by Natalia Vodianova – who was shining in Chaumet’s Soleil de Feu High Jewelry earrings and Jeux de Liens Harmony pink gold pendants – and Anna Andres, the event led to the raise of much-needed funds that the Naked Heart France association really looked for in order to pursue its work helping children with special needs in Russia. As for the attendees, many took part in this meaningful act like Natalia Vodianova, Antoine Arnault, Joan Smalls, Pierre Casiraghi, Beatrice Borromeo and others.

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