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A Conversation with Patile Kalandjian

Like mother, like daughter… this is the saying that comes to mind when we notice Patile Kalandjian’s talent in jewelry making. Being a student in biochemistry didn’t stop her from expressing her passion for creating fresh and modern jewelry pieces. Is it maybe because she used to spend her free time at her mother’s office where she watched her sketch and develop her creations? Let’s discover the secret of the success of her line KALAN by Suzanne Kalan in this interview, as well as her latest collection “Amalfi.”

How did your childhood influence your career in the world of jewelry making?

My mom started her own company just after I was born, and she would bring me to the office all the time. Even when I went to grade school, I would go to her studio after school everyday and play with gemstones and sketch. I was always interested in geometric artwork and I was great at math. I loved seeing my mom’s designs, and the development of the final product. Jewelry making has always been a passion of mine.

You were studying biochemistry when you decided to join your mother in her business. What made you take this decision?

I always loved coming to the studio with my mom, but I also had a lot of different interests. I enjoyed math and sciences, and wanted to be independent with my career choice. The problem was – that I was also very interested in jewelry, production and the business overall. I would help my family at the office when I wasn’t in class, which caused me to become a very important part of the business. That is when I decided I had to fully join my mother. I tried to avoid a true passion of mine … but I didn’t get very far and thank goodness for that!

It’s been an amazing six years, and I have been able to see the brand make great strides and grow internationally. I have also had the chance to travel around the world with my mom.

What makes KALAN by Suzanne Kalan’s jewelry pieces different from the pieces your mother Suzanne Kalan designs in terms of style and material?

The KALAN By Suzanne Kalan collection is set in 14-karat gold and primarily features semi-precious gemstones with accents of diamonds. The line is very colorful, and reaches a different audience because of the price point. The collection showcases classic and modern designs that everyone can add to their daily wardrobe.

However, the 14-karat line shares a couple of similarities with my mother’s Suzanne Kalan collection. Both lines encourage layering and stacking the jewelry styles. You know what they say … more is more!

Tell us about your newest collection Amalfi, the inspiration behind it and the woman it speaks to.

My new collection is inspired by my travels to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It was one of the best trips I have ever had, and the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline is forever imprinted in my mind.

The 14-karat line has always been focused on offering women a wide range of color options to complement their wardrobe. The Amalfi collection continues to feature layering and everyday jewelry styles, but also incorporates new colors that were inspired by my trip to Italy. I have added a new selection of cuts and gemstones to the line, including rainbow moonstone and Morganite topaz. The vibrant gemstones are paired with intricate filigree and prong designs that are reminiscent of the scenic sunrise and sunset views of the Mediterranean coastline.

Is there a signature element that makes your creations stand out?

Color is a signature element of my collection. My mom and I travel all around the world looking for the best gemstones for the line. We always like to have our stones a little transparent, so that we can highlight the intricate prong designs and showcase all the different colors found in one gemstone.

On a more personal level, can you tell us about the best destination you’ve been to and the best hotel you’ve stayed at?

Besides Positano and Capri, I would definitely say Mykonos is my other favorite destination. I went there with my family a few years ago and have been trying to find the time to go back! My favorite hotel would have to be The Four Seasons Dubai on Jumeirah Beach Road. It is so luxurious and absolutely stunning.

What is your favorite book and what makes it so special for you?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is my favorite. The book is about perseverance and following your intuition. I personally feel that our intuition should be something that we follow deeply and this book echoes that sentiment.

As a woman on-the-go, what is the one thing that you never leave home without?

I never leave home without my iPhone Mophie Charging Pack. I take and post all of our Instagram photos, and some of the images I shoot on the go, so the extra battery pack is such a lifesaver. Also, I always have my Strawberry Carmex chapstick and credit card.

Visit the Photo Gallery to take a look at Kalan by Suzan Kalan’s Amalfi collection.


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