A Conversation with Fashion Designer Nadine Merabi

NADINE MERABI the brand is known for its ready-to-wear marvels that empower the women who wear them. They are designed with an understanding of women so they can be celebrated in the most fashionable way. Upon the release of the new collection, Azyaamode had a conversation with the Founder Designer Nadine Merabi to have an inside look on the amazing brand.

How can you describe the brand NADINE MERABI in one word?

Which piece perfectly reflects your understanding of women?
My love for fashion began while I was organizing events alongside my hockey career as I started to see the necessity for pieces that allowed me to experiment freely with fashion. But I felt I was faced with a market saturated with replica designs, poor fit and quality, so I set about changing this as I wanted to create one-of-a-kind pieces that would make every woman feel special.
For me, a jumpsuit has always been a must-have in my wardrobe, but I always felt that they never fit correctly. This was definitely the inspiration behind our bestselling Bella Jumpsuit. Our Bella takes a modern twist on a traditional design. The nude lining provides coverage, whilst accentuating the intricate sequin-embellished lace detailing. I wanted to offer a product that perfectly hugs a woman’s figure, while the structured shoulder and belt sinches and shapes. But I love that the stretchiness of the fabric allows you to feel comfortable and confident at the same time.
I always put myself in our customers’ shoes. What would they want? How do they want to feel? And then I take these answers as inspiration. I also love hearing feedback from everyone around the world wearing MERABI. It's a huge help that we have an incredible client care team who is amazing at retrieving client feedback, so as a design team, we are constantly evolving, listening and learning how to take MERABI to the next level.

Will you be targeting the Gulf audience more closely?
Yes, of course. I have always been influenced by my Middle Eastern heritage. My father inspires a lot of my designs. He was a lawyer in Lebanon and became an entrepreneur when he moved to England to be with my mother. He always wore the craziest outfits with his own natural flair.
I have always made it a priority when our teams are working closely with influencers, VIP’s and stylists to focus on ensuring we represent all women. We love to show that our products can be styled more modestly too. Our aim is to empower; we want women to feel the best they have ever felt. This is why we create styles with various necklines and coverages, so the option is always there.
By doing this in the past 2 years we have noticed more recently that countries in the Gulf, such as the UAE, have accounted for a 3rd of our sales. This is why we made the decision to cover all duties and taxes for this country, so purchasing was made easier. And we will monitor this so that MERABI continues to be accessible for everyone.

Article Written by Gabrielle El Kosseifi

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