A Conversation with Elias Sarkis, Founder & CEO of Trend Events

Since 2012, Elias Sarkis has been realizing a dream, the dream of becoming an event imaginer, and he succeeded. His perseverance and enthusiasm were the main players in this game, driving him towards a career that put him on the global map of event planning. From Lebanon – his homeland, to Qatar, UAE, KSA and Europe, the world is his limit.

Check out Azyaamode’s interview with him and dive into his creative universe!

How does Trend Events represent the vision of Elias Sarkis?

For me, Trend Events is a dream that came true. I feel that I can put my wildest thoughts into special occasions and be part of unforgettable memories. It is an ongoing journey of creativity and happiness.


What makes an event truly unique and faithful to your style as a company?

The idea is to always bring new material, colors and moods to each event. Repetition is not allowed in our field and as a company we do not have one specific style; we rather adjust to each client’s dreams and add our expertise and vision.


Does your Lebanese background influence your style in planning events?

It surely does. As Lebanese, we tend to aim for perfection and uniqueness in everything we do and this reflects in our work as well.


What is a bride promised when coming to Trend Events in order to plan her wedding?

It is very simple. We make it our mission to let each bride enjoy her special day to the fullest. We listen to what she desires and achieve our work in the smoothest way in order for her to get to her special day stress free and happy.


Tell us about the latest trends in weddings and how do you always manage to stay up to date.
We are always up to date with each and every trend and believe me, it is quite a mission! We follow, read and attend most of the events dedicated to experts in our field but we also make it a point to have our own touch.

Nowadays, the clients are searching for uniqueness and innovation which makes it a beautiful challenge each and every time.


Starting from small-scale events, tell us about the elements that contributed to your international expansion.

We have built our reputation slowly but surely. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to have the best and prettiest experience ever regardless of their budget. 

There are no “small” or “big” weddings. All weddings get the same attention and I truly believe this is what differentiates us. Details are our moto!


10 years after your debut in this field, where do you see Trend Events in the future?

No one knows what the future holds but what I know for sure is that every day is a new experience, a new chance to learn and a new accomplishment. I hope to keep on meeting amazing people from all over the world and executing their dreams globally.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad


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