A Conversation about Beauty with Dr. Antoni Calmon

A graduate from the most prestigious Parisian medical schools, Dr. Antoni Calmon worked with the famous Dr. Dray. Meeting a great success, his clinics in Paris and London are frequented by people coming from all over the world, in quest for the natural results guaranteed by his medical knowledge of cosmetic dermatology and unprecedented rejuvenation techniques.

Azyaamode got the opportunity to dive into Dr. Calmon’s world and vision for aesthetic procedures to bring you beauty on a silver plate!

As a doctor in aesthetic medicine, what drove you towards non-invasive protocols?

Nowadays, the techniques in cosmetic medicine are actually very evolved. There is no need to endure any drastic or unnecessarily complex surgeries and/or procedures. Surgical results – and sometimes even better results – can be attained using simple light treatments without any drastic side effects. Instead, some advantages include:

- Very fast or non-existent down time

- More predictable, subtle, and natural results

- Only local anesthesia is used, no need for general anesthesia 

- All procedures are restorbable and reversible – this is especially important because throughout life tastes evolve and trends change: what someone once preferred at 20 will not necessarily be what they desire to look like at 60.

From a personal level, I feel it is much more interesting for the patients to be awake and talking during the procedure so they can be as informed and as present as possible throughout the treatments – it should be as fun for the patient as it is for the Doctor.

When it comes to aesthetic surgery, what are the most common fears among men and women?

In France, both men and woman love keeping a natural look. There is a famous Parisian ideal: a very natural, nonchalant look - that is in essence created with extreme precision. Indirectly, the French have educated us in providing solely discrete and natural aesthetic results.

I would say that the most common fear is having results showing that he/she has obviously undergone aesthetic surgery/treatments. Clients want people to look at them and remark, “What miracle creams are you using to keep your skin like that?” rather than say, “your face looks incredible! Who is your Doctor?”

Can you tell us about your treatments and how do they guarantee success?

I call my treatments made to measure: I make sure to follow every patient’s anatomy, style, and taste. There are different types of beauty and I don’t transform a person or change them into somebody else, I make sure to reveal and bring out his/her true beauty.

In my clinics, I make sure to only use the best techniques as well as the finest and safest products on the market. However, the most important aspect for a successful and natural result is following the “Less is more” way of thinking – I guarantee to always bring out a spectacular natural beauty. All treatment results are subtle and elegant, preserving one’s personality.

What is the most efficient cosmetic rejuvenation technique for women and men leading a modern lifestyle?

There is no magical treatment for rejuvenation, but the most efficient treatment is 100% commitment. You need to protect your skin every day with a minimum of SPF 50 sunscreen in addition to scheduling regular treatments based on your skin type & quality (either restorative or preventative treatments).

The best treatment in my opinion is a combination of: Radio Frequency sessions, a Mesolift treatment every 2 months or once/twice a year - depending if you’re in your 30’s or 40’s - and a skin booster cocktail injection, my secret specialty, based on hyaluronic acid for hydration, collagen inducer for texture, and PRP for growing factors.

With the above-mentioned regular treatments, results are guaranteed to be amazing as you can drastically improve and rejuvenate saggy, empty, or tired skin of someone at the age of 50 or simply extend your 20-year-old glow forever. The result is skin texture that is smoother, brighter, plumper, more supple, natural and soft.

This is my definition of a modern lifestyle treatment; one that you can do during your lunch break and come back to the office looking fresh and snatched without anybody noticing drastic or unnatural changes.

How important is the commitment factor in such treatments? 

The true secret is commitment. Of course, it is important not to abuse treatments, allowing your skin to breathe and heal. However, the time between sessions should ideally be around 2 months for Mesolift and Radio Frequency and around 1-2 years for Under-Eye Smoothing Treatment. It also varies heavily on every individual’s metabolism (usually nervous and/or very active people tend to break down the products faster).

The best option is to come back just before the effect of the treatment has completely faded, we can then develop a real long term improvement. 

Also skincare is very important and necessary to preserve the best results, the key is of course is applying SPF50+ several times a day.

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