UAE's 50s

A Charming Chaumet Timepiece to Celebrate UAE’s 50th Anniversary

Is there a better way to celebrate than in the company of a unique timepiece? And a special occasion definitely requires a special one; that’s where Chaumet comes to fulfill our expectations and much more. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, the House is releasing an Hortensia Éden marvel limited to 50 pieces in the colors of the federal flag. Of course, they will be exclusively available in the Middle East.

The amazing watch was inspired by the hydrangea-motif jewels that Chaumet has been creating for more than two centuries now. It features a dazzling mother-of-pearl dial adorned with diamond, black spinel, emerald and ruby indexes to bring the flag to life and is creatively completed with a round rose gold bezel illuminated with hand-set diamonds, and featuring precious, asymmetrical flowers, thus creating a subtle contrast between the polished metal and the shiny diamonds. As for the Arabic inscriptions on the back of the rose gold case, they are translated to “Our union our strength” along with the year 1971. And with its white satin strap, it wraps all this beauty around your wrist. 

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