A Benefit Kind of Influencer-Led Ramadan Campaign

Every year, Benefit Cosmetics does what it takes to make our Holy Month of Ramadan more meaningful, and this year is no exception. In a digital campaign like no other, nine Middle-Eastern content creators across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok come together to launch a series of vlogs that will be posted on the brand’s YouTube channel.

By counting moments where they misjudged a situation, each of the influencers takes her dedicated episode to highlight Ramadan’s core values – honesty and forgiveness. Benefit’s regional 912,000 YouTube subscribers and over 2.1 million Instagram followers will not only enjoy the stories told by these influencers, but also share their own and take part in amazing giveaways throughout the Holy Month. From Noor Naem to Banen Naem, Hadeel Marei, Yusur Al-Khalidi, Yasmeen AlKhateeb, Maram Beeko, Doujana Khaleel Bhader and vlogger sisters Raghad, Rawan & Rayan, Ramadan will be certainly unique this year!

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