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A Bejeweled Chaumet Invitation for Love

By introducing new creations to its iconic Bee My Love collection, Chaumet is writing a totally new chapter in the world of high jewelry. These novelties shed the light on an exceptional innovation the House worked on: “the Taille Impératrice”. The latter brings out the diamonds’ brilliance and fire like never before with its boldness and radiance as it has an extraordinary character related to 88 facets of a diamond, each of which is individually shaped by hand and combines an hexagonal form with a star-shaped crown.    

Through this emblematic collection, Chaumet revisits the bee motif in a modern and abstract manner, paying tribute to this charming and earnest insect that is considered a signifier of eternity and an imperial symbol closely linked to the history of the House. As for the result, think breathtaking new pieces that take the beauty of diamonds and the different colors of gold to new levels of sophistication. 

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