8 Fashion Rules You Should Be Following

While it’s easy to argue that some people are just born with a natural flair for style, the fact is, being stylish is something you or anyone else for that matter can work on. It’s quite ironic if you think about it; people want you to look effortlessly chic – as if you just “woke up like that” but doing so requires a whole lot of effort. Women have a certain drive towards this end-goal, but men on the other hand, have little to zero patience for it.

But the many reasons men should always look out for themselves – fashion wise, of course – shouldn’t only be ones that score a lot of points in the damsels’ department. Consider a personal challenge to always look dapper and to defy gender stereotypes. Yes, some men care about fashion and yes, some men like to pamper themselves. So men, to what lengths would you go to take care of your image? How much effort would you be willing to put in to increase the likelihood of you making the stylish list? Whatever your answer is, we’ve gathered some tips to help you hone your fashionable skills nevertheless…

  1. Let’s start with the basics. The more basic your tee is, the better it will make you look. It would be very well appreciated if you would just let go of embroidered or encrusted t-shirts. The whole world will thank you.
  2. When there’s a chance for you to suit up, always go for the obvious route: suit up. Whether you have a meeting, a business lunch/dinner or a formal occasion, the more dapper your suit looks, the better.
  3. But once you do suit up, please make sure you don’t make use of the lower button. Just act like it doesn’t even exist.
  4. Your suit should always be tailored to your body. Not too tight and not too large. Perfect enough to hug your body and make you feel comfortable and at ease in it.
  5. Abolish the memory of square-toe shoes. Just abolish it.
  6. If you’re wearing a shirt – be it formal or not – you don’t always have to tuck it under your trousers. Sometimes, it really pays off being fashionably slouchy.
  7. Big buckles on your belt are a big no-no. Keep it simple.
  8. Lastly, be confident and enjoy your clothes so as to look comfortable in your own skin.

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Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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