5 Easy Eyebrow Looks by Benefit You Need for the Holidays

Using this year’s popular holiday brow kit, Benefit Cosmetics’ Regional Brow Artist, Yara Ayoob, presented her favorite brow looks in the easiest of ways. This will help us adopt multiple looks this Holiday Season very easily, which is great since we don’t always have enough time to get ready properly during this time of the year.

Knowing that the set includes the Gimme Brow+ gel, Precisely, My Brow Pencil, Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Ka-BROW! Cream-gel and 24-Hour Brow Setter gel, you can achieve the below looks:

Fluffed up brows: Gimme Brow+ will give you the extra volume you need thanks to its tiny microfibers that stick to the skin and hairs, providing you with a natural looking fullness.
Natural brows: Precisely, My Brow Pencil will simply fill the blanks in your eyebrows to get a full natural look with its ultra-fine tip.
Structured brows: if you want your brow look to be more defined Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil is what you need. Its soft color, thickness and glide-on formula will make filling your brows easier and faster.
Bold brows: Ka-BROW! will give you a rich and buildable color. In addition, it sculpts and defines your brows thanks to its built-in hard-angled brush that can be turned into a full-size one, thus providing you precise control and effortless application.
Laminated brows: 24 Hour Brow Setter will coat your brow hairs with its gel and then all you have to do is push the hairs upward towards the hairline and outward towards the temple with your finger or the handle of a hard-angled brush.
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