2022 Brides, Elie Saab Has Got Your Back

With the release of every new bridal collection, Elie Saab manages to sweep us off our feet. The one of Spring-Summer 2022 definitely won’t be any different, however we can honestly say it’s even better. Even though the gowns have all a floor length and are cinched at the waist, each one of them has its own rhythm – especially the rebellious mermaid dress.

Few touches of florals here, other ones of embroidery there, with a sprinkle of pearls every now and then, many are the details that can instantly steal our hearts. However, we can assure you that the ever-flowing long sleeves will help you pack the statement the way you want to.

So, in short, if you’re looking for something playful, elegant and glamorous at the same time, the ELIE SAAB Bridal Spring-Summer 2022 collection will give you just that.

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