10 Secrets that Stylishly Take Celebs to the Red Carpet

Cover Photo Courtesy of Isabelle Huppert in Balenciaga at Cannes Film Festival 2022

Celebrities always amaze us with their red-carpet appearances. However, what we might not know is that behind these dazzling moments, many secrets are hidden to make them worth the efforts. Indeed, these wonderful looks are the fruit of solutions that only them would be aware of – but not anymore! Join us as we let you in on some of the tricks that are up their sleeves and maybe inspire you for a better appearance at your next event.

-Of course, celebs use deodorants but what makes the white streaks they leave on their dress truly disappear is the use of a deodorant-removing sponge or simply a nylon sock that, when rubbed back and forth on the stain, works like magic!

-Wearing a deep V neckline is as easy as using a gaffer tape that lifts up the breast. No, it’s not necessary to have a job in order to pull off such neckline, just this trick that gives you a natural looking cleavage.

-For successful photos, celebs practice their poses ahead of their event. They do so in order to find their better side, to be able to flaunt their outfits in the best way possible and to go with the mood they want to reflect through their look. And hey, so can you!

-Undergarments are very important for a red-carpet appearance as they can make or break an outfit. With this in mind, celebs opt for invisible underwear or very thin ones that perfectly match the color of their skin. Now you can certainly pull of that nude lace gown you’ve had your eye on!

-Celebs’ dresses wrinkle too! The difference is that they opt for a game-changing trick and here it is: they remove the wrinkles with a hair dryer supplied with a nozzle that keeps a distance between its heat and the fabric in order to avoid any damage. Quite clever, right?

-Have you ever seen a celebrity slip up on the red carpet? Such a rare case! The reason why such incidents don’t happen is that celebs attach sandpaper to the sole of their shoes in order to avoid them. We bet this trick will certainly help you enjoy wearing your favorite heels fearlessly.

-Another shoe trick is spraying deodorant inside the heel. Besides helping the shoes fit if the feet are swollen or sweaty, it keeps them cool and dry. It’s like a miracle!

-Last thing to say about shoes, the secret behind a more comfortable fit is choosing a bigger size. Celebs always seem to do that. Well, it won’t make the 12mm heels you’d love to wear feel like sneaks, but it will certainly make them more comfortable.

-Very rare are the solutions to tame flyaway hair but here’s the thing. Use some lip balm where necessary. It seems it’s as simple as that!

-Have you ever seen a celebrity with makeup on their dresses? Of course not, and we think this one could really help you get over this problem. In order to protect your outfit and preserve your makeup, put a silk scarf on your face then put your outfit on.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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