10 Modern Wedding Dresses We Love

Cover Photo Courtesy of Elie Saab

If you’re preparing for your late summer or fall wedding, it’s definitely time to start looking for the right dress to take you through this special day. In fact, you have probably been planning for your dream wedding since you were 16 – if not younger – and you definitely have an idea about the theme of this much-awaited moment that will unite you with your better half. Well, your dress is undoubtedly the piece that will be in the spotlight and going for a modern design is definitely a great way to pack a statement in a stylish way.

Many are the fashion houses that unveiled some swooning looks fit for the most fashionable brides during their couture or bridal shows. However, we went the extra miles to narrow them down and list our 10 favorites. Join us and let us help you make this big decision!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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